Dabo Swinney

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If you are familiar with college football, then you probably have heard of Dabo Swinney, head coach of South Carolina’s Clemson University football team.  Swinney has led the Clemson Tigers football team to victory many times since he arrived there in 2008.  Very knowledgeable about the game of football, Dabo Swinney began his own college football career playing at the University of Alabama, in 1989.

Born and raised in the great state of Alabama, Dabo Swinney grew up watching the famous Alabama football teams compete with one another.  While playing football at the University of Alabama, Swinney earned his undergraduate degree in commerce and business administration.  He furthered his education there by earning his master’s degree in business administration in 1995.  Additionally, he was named an Academic All-SEC and SEC Scholar Athlete Honor Roll member while in college.

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Pat Sullivan

In October of 2018, the very first Heisman Lifetime Achievement Award was presented.  The ceremony took place in Birmingham, Alabama and the award was given to longtime college football legend, Pat Sullivan.  He was honored this award for all of his outstanding accomplishments and unwavering dedication to the game of college football.  Undoubtedly, it was one of the many highlights of this legendary man’s career.

Pat Sullivan was born in 1950 in Birmingham, Alabama.  In his younger years, he excelled in a variety of sports; however, football quickly became his passion.  He attended college at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.  While there, he broke records for his passing ability and his football prowess, as starting quarterback for the team. Additionally, he was awarded the Heisman Trophy in 1971, while he was a senior at Auburn. 

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The Football Helmet

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Did you know that it wasn’t until 1948 when the first NFL team applied their team’s logo to the outside of their helmets?  The Rams from Los Angeles were the forerunners who made this move.  The football helmet is a vital piece of football equipment.  In fact, for all organized football teams, at all levels, the helmet is a requirement.  The football helmet has evolved greatly over the years.  Continue reading in order to learn more about the iconic football helmet.

The exact origin of who invented the helmet is unknown, but the first time that something similar came in to existence was in 1896.  There was a football player from Lafayette College, in Pennsylvania, who needed something to protect his ears, so he used straps and earpieces combined for his protection.

Around the early 1900’s, helmets became more common, and were made out of leather that was padded over the skull and around the ears.  It also had a chinstrap that hooked for security.  This type of helmet mimicked that of an aviator’s headgear at the time.  The helmets were not required by all football players at that time, so many players played their entire careers without any type of head protection.

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The Basic Rules of the Game


American Football is one of the most popular games in the United States.  Not only do many people enjoy playing the game, but millions of people watch football games at varying levels on a regular basis.  Whether you ever plan to participate in playing a football game or if you are ever a spectator at a football game, you will probably find the game more enjoyable if you have a basic understanding of football game rules.  If you would like to learn a bit about the basic rules of an American football game, then continue reading below for some basic football game insight.

Similar to many games, the main objective is to score more points than the opposing team during the specifically allotted game time.  A football game is generally a 60-minute game, divided into 15-minute intervals, otherwise known as quarters.  For non-professional football, the divided intervals may be a few minutes shorter.  A game also consists of a half-time between the second and third quarters.  The half time is usually 12 minutes long.  Additionally, each team is allowed 3 time-outs per half.  A typical college or professional football game lasts approximately 3 hours, give or take a little. 

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Nick Saban

The past decade has been an amazing one at the University of Alabama, and for their head football coach, Nick Saban.  Since Saban arrived in 2007, Alabama Crimson Tide has won four SEC (Southeastern Conference) championships, six SEC Western division championships, and four National championships.  During this time period, the University of Alabama has also produced two Heisman Trophy winners, under the direction of Nick Saban.  The two Heisman Trophy winners are Mark Ingram, Jr., who was the University’s very first Heisman Trophy winner in 2009, and Derrick Henry in 2015.  Many Americans believe that Nick Saban is the best college football coach that our country has ever witnessed.

Nick Saban was born on October 31, 1951, in Fairmont, West Virginia.  After finishing high school, Saban went to Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Business before obtaining his Master’s degree in Sports Administration at Kent State.  He was on the football team, where he played the defensive back position.  While working on his Master’s degree, he became a graduate assistant to the team’s coach, Don James.  Although becoming a coach wasn’t necessarily on his radar, it was this graduate assistant position that sparked the beginning of a highly successful and amazing career.

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The Heisman Trophy and Winners From Alabama

The Heisman Trophy is defined as an award given to “the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence and integrity.  Winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work”.  Currently, there have been five college football athletes who have been bestowed this great honor within the great state of Alabama.  Three of these wonderful athletes played for Auburn University and two of them played for the University of Alabama.  These five men have proved they have phenomenal skills on the football field.

The Heisman Trophy is presented annually to the chosen football player prior to the postseason bowl games, in early December.  Originally created as an award to be presented to the most valuable college player east of the Mississippi, after 1936 and the death of the Downtown Athletic Club’s director, John Heisman, the award began to include the entire country, as well.  John Heisman was an avid athlete himself. After playing football in college, he became head coach of various football, basketball, and baseball teams, and eventually became athletic director of the Downtown Athletic Club, who created the Heisman Trophy Award in 1935.

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College Football Versus Professional Football

If you have your television on during a weekend in the fall and you are scanning through the channels to see what is on, you undoubtedly will pass through several channels that are airing football games.  Saturdays are mainly reserved for nationwide college football games, and Sunday (or Monday night) is usually reserved for the NFL games.  Audiences tend to favor one or the other, although there are some fans who follow both college and NFL games.  What is the difference, you may wonder?  There are several differences, and below are descriptions of some of the major ones.

The state of Alabama is home to some of the very best college football teams.  Both Auburn and the University of Alabama have excellent football teams, and fans from all over the United States follow their games as loyal fans.  In fact, the two teams play against each other every year in the Iron Bowl. 

Besides Alabama, there are a lot of remarkable college football teams throughout the country.  Some followers believe that college football is more all-inclusive of the sports fans than the NFL games.  College football fans are extremely loyal to the team(s) they support, and they show this support by wearing the colors of their team, painting their faces and exposed skin, and by waving team paraphernalia high in the air.  College team fans tend to make more noise that NFL fans, and generally tend to be rowdier in their support of the team than NFL fans.

At college games, the audience also has the school band to listen to, as they help hype up the audience with their instruments and theatrics.  The band plays an important role in priming the fans that are in the stadiums, as the energetic music lifts everyone’s spirit and helps raise the volume of the screams and cheers.  The absence of a musical band during NFL games makes the NFL games seem more subdued and predictable.

For more technical differences between college football and NFL games, there are definitely a few that should be mentioned.  Towards the end of a NFL game, there is a two-minute warning that is called, but not designated by either team that is playing.  This two-minute warning allows each team the time to regroup and decide their end-of-game strategy.  This warning is not included in a college football game. 

Another main difference pertains to overtime.  In college football games, if overtime is required due to a game tie, then each team is provided an equal opportunity to win the game. 

Overtime will continue until one team wins.  In contrast to an NFL game, if overtime is required, then the teams play a sudden-death quarter.  A coin toss is the determining factor that decides who will kick and who will receive.  The first team to score, wins the game.

In conclusion, there are some significant differences between college football and NFL games, and, as a football fan, you should watch some of both and decide which one you like to watch the best!  One thing is for sure, though.  If you live in Alabama, you can never go wrong with college football!

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The Football

Did you know the oldest football that is still in existence was made around the year 1550?  You can view it on display in the Smith Art Gallery and Museum that is located in Stirling, Scotland.  This historic football was discovered in 1981 inside Stirling Castle. 

The game of football has been around for quite some time.  Some historians believe that the ancient Greeks used to play a version of our modern-day game of football.  It is suspected that the Greek game was played on a rectangle-shaped field that had goal lines on either end.  The evenly divided teams would pass a handball between players, and they would kick, toss, or run with the ball past the opposing team’s goal line.

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Leaders of the Pack

Someone once said, “Everybody hates Alabama until they need a coach.”  While this statement prompts a giggle from the reader, it does seem to hold some truth.  University of Alabama college football boasts a history of some of the most successful coaches in history.  Two that come to mind first and foremost, are Paul “Bear” Bryant, and current Alabama coach, Nick Saban.

Paul “Bear” Bryant is probably the most widely known and celebrated coach to ever grace the campus of the University of Alabama.  With 323 victories on his belt at the time of his retirement, his record speaks for itself.  Bryant is such an icon with Alabama fans nationwide, that fans even follow his sense of style by wearing replicas of his famous houndstooth hat.

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Backyard Football Party

One of the most exciting and entertaining ways to catch Alabama football is by throwing an outdoor backyard party with friends and family.  Be sure to search for  “electrician Birmingham AL” on the web before the big day so you can call on someone reputable if your big screen or other devices malfunction before or during the game.  You just can’t have a football party without the game! And nothing will cause guests to run out the door than a failed entertainment system on game day. Although going to the game is not overrated, there’s nothing quite like getting to be comfortably dressed, sitting on patio furniture with your people while watching the game.  To have a successful football party, there are a few things you need:

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