Backyard Football Party

One of the most exciting and entertaining ways to catch Alabama football is by throwing an outdoor backyard party with friends and family.  Be sure to search for  “electrician Birmingham AL” on the web before the big day so you can call on someone reputable if your big screen or other devices malfunction before or during the game.  You just can’t have a football party without the game! And nothing will cause guests to run out the door than a failed entertainment system on game day. Although going to the game is not overrated, there’s nothing quite like getting to be comfortably dressed, sitting on patio furniture with your people while watching the game.  To have a successful football party, there are a few things you need:

1. Big Game, Big Screen

Since the Alabama or Auburn football game is the entire reason for the gathering of your friends and family, you want to be sure to have a big enough screen to watch the game.  Don’t make the mistake of using an indoor TV outside as you may damage the TV with moisture, which can void your warranty.  Instead, try a television made specifically for outdoors or one of the large projection screens. These can be purchased so that you can enjoy them for the entire football season, or many stores offer a rental option.

2. Pump up the Sound

It’s always a good idea to have either Bluetooth or outdoor speakers for your football party so that guests can hear the game no matter where they are seated.  Also, it gives the host the opportunity to play music before and after the game for the guests’ enjoyment.  There are lots of pre- game playlists on Spotify that are sure to get the energy pumped up for the game.

3. Take a Seat

A day or two before your party, be sure to check out your patio or outdoor seating.  Confirm that you have enough sitting area to accommodate the number of guests who plan to attend. If you find that you need additional seating and do not want to purchase it, many rental stores supply folding chairs for events, at low cost.  Also, this gives an opportunity for the host to see if the furniture needs to be cleaned or pressure washed before guests arrive and sit down. 

4.  Fire it Up!

The smell of the grill and the food is probably the second favorite thing, (after the game, of course) to most guests at a football party!  Nothing says football like a plate of steaming hot wings, hot dogs, and hamburgers.  Often, your buddies will want to bring a grill as well. I’ve never heard anyone complain of having too many grills or too much food at a barbecue. And we all know that leftovers are always better the next day!

The most important part of the backyard football party is making it fun!  A happy host usually means happy guests.  Now you can sit back and cheer for your favorite team! 

If you can’t make it to the actual game and participate in a tailgate party, a backyard football party is the next best thing!