No Gate Like a Tailgate

What could be more fun than throwing open the tail gate to your truck, lighting up a grill and spreading a picnic right outside the gates before your favorite Alabama football game? Tailgating is an American tradition.

The origin of the tailgate party has been associated with the harvest times of ancient cultures.  Today, it usually consists of fans hanging out with fans of the same team.  The fans are usually coworkers, or friends and family.  Tailgating is an excellent way to build community.  It’s a tradition reminiscent of home and comfort.

It’s important for fans to show their team spirit on game day.  At the tailgate party, one can usually see an ocean of their team’s colors as people love wearing their colors on clothes, hats, and scarves to display team spirit.  These days, companies make a variety of items like flags, horns, and pom-poms that fans can use to join into the excitement.

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