College Football Versus Professional Football

If you have your television on during a weekend in the fall and you are scanning through the channels to see what is on, you undoubtedly will pass through several channels that are airing football games.  Saturdays are mainly reserved for nationwide college football games, and Sunday (or Monday night) is usually reserved for the NFL games.  Audiences tend to favor one or the other, although there are some fans who follow both college and NFL games.  What is the difference, you may wonder?  There are several differences, and below are descriptions of some of the major ones.

The state of Alabama is home to some of the very best college football teams.  Both Auburn and the University of Alabama have excellent football teams, and fans from all over the United States follow their games as loyal fans.  In fact, the two teams play against each other every year in the Iron Bowl. 

Besides Alabama, there are a lot of remarkable college football teams throughout the country.  Some followers believe that college football is more all-inclusive of the sports fans than the NFL games.  College football fans are extremely loyal to the team(s) they support, and they show this support by wearing the colors of their team, painting their faces and exposed skin, and by waving team paraphernalia high in the air.  College team fans tend to make more noise that NFL fans, and generally tend to be rowdier in their support of the team than NFL fans.

At college games, the audience also has the school band to listen to, as they help hype up the audience with their instruments and theatrics.  The band plays an important role in priming the fans that are in the stadiums, as the energetic music lifts everyone’s spirit and helps raise the volume of the screams and cheers.  The absence of a musical band during NFL games makes the NFL games seem more subdued and predictable.

For more technical differences between college football and NFL games, there are definitely a few that should be mentioned.  Towards the end of a NFL game, there is a two-minute warning that is called, but not designated by either team that is playing.  This two-minute warning allows each team the time to regroup and decide their end-of-game strategy.  This warning is not included in a college football game. 

Another main difference pertains to overtime.  In college football games, if overtime is required due to a game tie, then each team is provided an equal opportunity to win the game. 

Overtime will continue until one team wins.  In contrast to an NFL game, if overtime is required, then the teams play a sudden-death quarter.  A coin toss is the determining factor that decides who will kick and who will receive.  The first team to score, wins the game.

In conclusion, there are some significant differences between college football and NFL games, and, as a football fan, you should watch some of both and decide which one you like to watch the best!  One thing is for sure, though.  If you live in Alabama, you can never go wrong with college football!

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