No Gate Like a Tailgate

What could be more fun than throwing open the tail gate to your truck, lighting up a grill and spreading a picnic right outside the gates before your favorite Alabama football game? Tailgating is an American tradition.

The origin of the tailgate party has been associated with the harvest times of ancient cultures.  Today, it usually consists of fans hanging out with fans of the same team.  The fans are usually coworkers, or friends and family.  Tailgating is an excellent way to build community.  It’s a tradition reminiscent of home and comfort.

It’s important for fans to show their team spirit on game day.  At the tailgate party, one can usually see an ocean of their team’s colors as people love wearing their colors on clothes, hats, and scarves to display team spirit.  These days, companies make a variety of items like flags, horns, and pom-poms that fans can use to join into the excitement.

Okay, so, most folks will tell you that the tailgate party food can’t be beat.  There’s just something about eating food that has just been taken off the grill.  All American food like hamburgers, wings, and hot dogs are the most traditional tailgate fare. Have the friends do their part by throwing in some side dishes, and fans will be licking their fingers in no time. 

Don’t forget the big cooler. Guests at tailgate parties tend to drink a few more beverages than they would at a backyard barbecue at home.  Be sure to have a variety of cold beer, sodas, and water to help hydrate your friends and family. Just be sure not to overindulge in alcoholic beverages before the game, as you want to not be thrown out of the game for causing a drunken scene if the other team scores. No seriously, tailgating is a great source of fun and usually builds the fans’ excitement as game time nears.

So, before you head out to tailgate at the game, check your list and ensure that you have all the items you need to have a successful party.  Did you get the hotdog buns, chips and dips?  We can’t forget the wings and sauces.  What about ice?  Don’t forget seating for you and your friends.  It’s never a bad idea to bring a blue tooth speaker or small outdoor sound system as you can play pregame announcements and interviews during your tailgate party.  This always gets the energy up for the game.

Just be sure to reasonably nice to fans of your rival team.  As much as you love your team, they love theirs, and we don’t want to break up a pleasant tailgating experience by arguing and being a bad sport with an opposing team. So, whether it is you and one family member, or a row of friends joining you with their own tailgate parties, you are sure to add so much value and community to the game watching experience by tailgating. Tailgating is also a great way to meet other people.  It’s been proven that nothing brings people together like food, drink, and football! 

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